Dream time
Australian Indigenous Legends and Science teachings.

During our tours of the Outback we often meet people indigenous to places in this great southern land.

We learned that Aboriginal lore tells of legends and stories that explain our indigenous hosts ways of interpreting the natural world around us.
These teachings are not freely shared among us, as some are considered "secret business", we accept this way and offer no judgement of their "law".
We are grateful to be able to share with you some commonly known stories and if you believe that reading the seasons and the gifts they bring, by the stars is a science then we must offer our respect and honour the fact that the Australian indigenous people have been practicing this science (Astronomy) for over 70.000 years.

For us, only recently it became understood that astronomy is a serious part of the "Aboriginal culture", not only do they look up in wonder as we do but they have married the movement of the cosmos to the Earth and use it as a guide to seasonal emergence of "bush tucker" availability, like fruits, eggs and animal migrations. The indigenous people here kept cosmic records (literally carved in stone) and there is even what looks like a tide and moon calendar documented the same way. They clearly "studied the sky".
There is still so much "we" just don't know, they offer us new examples in the old ways.

Here, we have posted various widely known sky lore of the indigenous people of Australia, the first astronomers this land ever saw..... ADU.

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Emus Head

The 'Emu's head' or Coal Sack is seen beside the Southern Cross constellation

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