Captivating and Entertaining Talks
By Cam Wylie

Cam has been showing people the night sky for over 40 years and traveling Australia's 'Outback' for many of them.
The journey is often hard, risky, hilarious, unexpected but fraught with Living... "which is often a complication", says Cam...

Lately astronomy as practiced by ancestral tribes of Australia has been recognised as an integral part of the lives of the 'First Australians'.
Indigenous Astronomy is a way that the people of the land see the patterns in the sky, not just the shapes but the regular repeating seasonal patterns, as they quite correctly married the events in the sky, to the earth, to their world and largely to their 'Dreaming'.
Cam's latest talk 'Big Emu Dreaming', offers an insight into the Sky lore, the fables that in so many ways, underpin their culture and launched their society on a journey of practical scientific observation and most importantly, application for everyday survival on the planet's oldest continent, Australia.
It is a journey that began maybe 70 thousand years ago, possibly more...

Come and hear Cam Wylie share stories of the first astronomers in his talk,
The Big (dark) Emu in the sky.
The Big Emu as seen from Lightning Ridge Australia.

Astronomy DownUnder

at Undara 2005

Cam Wylie (Yellow star) and Parkes Radio Telescope's local Astronomical Society,(Central Western Astro Society), presenting a talk and slide show for the group... #at the Dish.

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All astronomy nights are subject to local weather patterns, clouds and what's in the sky at the time. Also the moon phase plays a significant part in all star-gazing nights, on nights of full moon and up to 7 days before and a few days after, most faint objects are lost in the lunar glow. Such nights will focus more attention on the planets and the moon itself. Bookings can be timed so deep sky objects ( galaxies, faint Nebula, comets, etc. ) can be studied or timing may allow for a lunar based experience....our guides are flexible and informed and will provide the best possible overview of what's available on the night.....