Witness the engine of a star at work...
our star.....The Sun.

The Sun.... It is the source of all our energy, it warms us, feeds us, we are a part of it.
It is the centre of our planetary system... It even has a name, Sol...

As we look into the night sky at the distant points of light, how easy it is to forget that the day time sky also contains a star...
Our Sun is just a modest star quietly burning away in the Outer Eastern arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It's only one of over 400 Billion others like it in our home galaxy....

The difference for you is, we can show it to you,

Using our dedicated Solar Telescope you can see the turbulent and sometimes violent surface of our home star.
Solar Flares are often seen through this specialized telescope, because that's all it does. Designed with extremely narrow band pass filters, the PST telescope operates in the Hydrogen Alpha part of the spectrum, this cuts out all but the light we wish to study and the view is breath taking.

Solar Flares are nearly always many times bigger the the earth, and show, in real time, material and energy being hurled out into space. They move at incredible speeds... checking back every few minutes, will show how such an event is unfolding, as you can track the progress of a Solar Flare as it changes shape.

Check with us for details of how you can take this rare opportunity to witness for yourself the incredible power that is the Engine of a Star !

Telephone 0407 905 918 for bookings or click this link to E-mail us.

Please read below...
Solar Viewing through a specialized Solar telescope is completely safe.... Astronomy DownUnder wishes to remind you to Never look at the Sun through any thing that is not specifically designed and tested for Solar viewing. The Personal Solar Telescope (PST) we use is a state of the art, Helioscope it can do one thing only... show you the Sun.
Smoked Glass or Welding Glasses or reflective films and similar are never safe... These may allow some bandwidths of light to pass right through and some light is in-visable to our eyes... This in-visable light could cause permanent damage to your eyes.
sol.jpg - 26652 Bytes
The Sun in all it's fury... Throwing out fantastic amounts of particles, energy, radiation. The huge Flare in the upper right, would engulf the Earth over one hundred times !!! Hot spots and Granules are also shown here...

Our Solar Telescope gives similar views to this one, however this photo shows a particularly massive and violent flare event. The Sun changes all the time, the view is always different.

pst.jpg - 34940 Bytes
The Solar Telescope... special filters are Tuned each time to highlight the ever changing face of the Sun through our differing atmosphere.

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