School Program
Bring an Observatory right into the school yard!

That's right, We come to you !!!

Astronomy Down under will come to your school and set up everything !
There is no need for special provisions all you will need is an open sky space and a willing audience.
If numbers are down, we can also arrange to have parents attend.

It's that easy,.. We set up  and  we pack up.

Teachers can offer the students the unique opportunity to add a real observatory feel to their science educational program, there's nothing like the real thing!
Our equipment is research quality, computer guided, low volt 12V and safe even with rubber eye guards.

Better than a planetarium..... this is real ! ! !
It's an experience the kids will love and remember for years to come......
Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring "practical field science" to the kids.....
No busses to hire,  No travel,  No worries.

Ask us how you can set up an experience that ties in with class room programs. Subjects may include; The Sun and other stars.   The Planets.  How are stars born and how do they die? What is a Galaxy?  The scale of the Universe!   the list goes on....
We will consult with you to plan a night that works for your school group.

Check it out!

Booking info and study material

Teachers;  for Bookings and more info please click here..

The Solar system.
Finding South.
The Scale of things.
Comets and the Moon.
The Dream Time. (Indigenous Astronomy)

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