"Wow just look at that sky !
Imagine what we could see if only we had a decent Telescope."

Okay..... That's where we come in.

Enhance the novelty of your event with the rare and exclusive Astronomy experience.

Astronomy DownUnder is a portable Sky Show.
Offering real Product Enhancement for
***** Tour operators
***** Event organizers
***** Tourist Resort operators

Astronomy DownUnder will come to your location or event and set up our state of the art telescope equipment.
Our guides will talk about the night sky, share Dream Time legends, explain a little about the use of the equipment but mainly concentrate on the objects we will visit that night.

Group sizes can be anywhere from small intimate parties, or up to 50+ people We take your guests to several objects, like the moon, the planets, the rich star fields of the Milky Way, even some galaxies are often available most nights.
Most popular, are the Stories from the Dream Time... relating fables to the boundless beauty above, bringing a unique sense of connection with the spirit of the sky in this Land Down Under !

If you feel that night time activities for your clients is limited.
If your looking to enhance the experience of your tour, event or activity.
If you would like to add the enriching experience of breath taking views through Real telescopes.

And your would like your group to talk about the evening long into the future.... consider this....

Your clients are out here experiencing the unique Australian Landscape... now show them the boundless beauty of the Great Southern Sky....

at Undara 2005

Astronomy DownUnder visits the Undara lava tubes north Queensland.

Talk to us about how we can help your event or organization offer a new dimension to further enhance your product and service.

Contact us via return e-mail or better telephone or SMS ( Because we're out of range sometimes) us on 0407 905 918 And ask us about our show.

We thank you for your expression of interest thus far and look forward to working with you in enriching the holiday experience of those who look to the heavens in wonder.

For information on how we might work with you,...... call us on;
0407 905 918 or E-mail by clicking below


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All astronomy nights are subject to local weather patterns, clouds and what's in the sky at the time. Also the moon phase plays a significant part in all star-gazing nights, on nights of full moon and up to 7 days before and a few days after, most faint objects are lost in the lunar glow. Such nights will focus more attention on the planets and the moon itself. Bookings can be timed so deep sky objects ( galaxies, faint Nebula, comets, etc. ) can be studied or timing may allow for a lunar based experience....our guides are flexible and informed and will provide the best possible overview of what's available on the night.....