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We come to you !!!

Check with us via Telephone or Return E-Mail, for available dates for your school.
If you have received an invitation to make a booking for your school then your are already on our list of possible shows for this year.


About our aim and our Show.

The shows are designed to inspire the imagination of the kids, prompting them to ask questions and promote an ongoing interest in the universe around them, not just the world or their small corner of it.
We encourage open thinking, of a bigger picture through the understanding that we are a part of something much bigger!


Suggested Format / Implementation.

Because some schools have a very large student base, this may seem daunting for staff in a logistical sense.
We recommend, breaking the show up into class groups if this is the case. Spread over several nights, all students get a better quality experience.
Parent notifications are sent out by your school in the normal manner, outlining cost, timing, weather contingency and student comfort considerations.

On our arrival we meet with the relevant staff, to okay the show site and finalize any loose ends.
Once the site has been deemed safe and appropriate we set up the telescopes late that afternoon....

Safety;  The telescopes are all 12 volt and fitted with rubber eye guards so all eyes are protected, Glasses are fine as well. We, by way of policy, report any incident, even little ones, that may arise, we also suggest that kids with a winter ailment, such as, colds, coughs or flu, do not attend, due to cold nights and possable Transmission issues.

Astronomy DownUnder Guides all have current working with children notices.

Astronomy DownUnder operates under ABN 47798123115


Jupiter's Red spot, can be seen when facing us... This Image from our 10 inch SMT scope and LPI planetary camera.
Jupiter shows its "Red Spot & Jnr"... and two moons.
Imaged through our 254mm (10 inch) SMT Telescope.

Booking information

Due to the vast and varied nature of different schools we suggest you contact us to arrange a show format to suit your school and the individual needs of students, teachers and parents.

We have many show types to choose from, including day and night shows...

For Inclusion in our Itinerary, please call us on
0407 905 918 or E-mail by clicking below 



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All astronomy nights are subject to local weather patterns, clouds and what's in the sky at the time. Also the moon phase plays a significant part in all star-gazing nights, on nights of full moon and up to 7 days before and a few days after, most faint objects are lost in the lunar glow. Such nights will focus more attention on the planets and the moon itself. Bookings can be timed so deep sky objects ( galaxies, faint Nebula, comets, etc. ) can be studied or timing may allow for a lunar based experience....our guides are flexible and informed and will provide the best possible overview of what's available on the night.....