Cubs and Scouts.
Special Shows for Cubs and Scouts for the "Astronomy Badge" and general Astronomical Knowledge...

That's right, We come to you !!!

Astronomy DownUnder is proud to present to Cub packs and Scout groups.
Many groups have already benefited from our shows, there is no substitute for a real night out with telescope poised to the heavens.
Learn how to find south, identify constellations, see planets and their moons, see our moon up close!
It's all there... we can tailor a special night just for your group, we come to your chosen site and set up everything. If there is a need for additional teaching info to help with badge work, just ask us, were glad to help.

It's that easy,.. We set up  and  we pack up.

Leaders; call Astronomy DownUnder, to arrange a night that will inspire the next generation of Astronomers and celestial Navigators.

Trafalgar Victoria Cubs and Scouts Astronomy Night
Ist Trafalgar Cubs and Scouts.
"okay eveyone watch your eyes....FLASH!"  

Booking info and study material

To enquire about a Astronomy night for your group, we can be contacted on; 0407 905 918.... or click below to E-mail us.

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